Orchestras, choirs and ensemble playing are an integral part of life at EMO. The Institute has something for everyone, everything from duos with two players to an entire symphony orchestra. On top of that there are EMO’s choirs: the Chameleon Choirs and the EMO Ensemble. Our rhythmic training group regularly plays together using body percussion and rhythm instruments.

The orchestral path at EMO guarantees students the opportunity to progress from a beginners’ level to the symphony orchestra as their abilities grow. From the perspective of the student’s own development, we encourage students to take part in each stage of the orchestral programme in turn, so that the transition from one orchestra to the next can be made as smooth as possible. The majority of our orchestras rehearse on a weekly basis, so it is easy to organise other activities around music lessons and orchestra rehearsals.

Playing in smaller ensembles is another very rewarding activity. Chamber groups are formed either by the teachers or through students’ own initiatives. These groups generally operate periodically, so they do not overload the students’ weekly programme throughout the semester.



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