Espoo Music Institute – or EMO – is the largest and oldest artistic institute in the city of Espoo and provides instruction of the highest standards in an advanced musical syllabus. EMO’s aim is to equip its students with the skills necessary to foster a lifelong interest in music, both recreationally and professionally. The wide selection of courses available, together with the expertise of our teaching staff, enables students to tailor their tuition to meet their individual needs and to open the door to the possibility of more in-depth, professional musical studies later in life. 

EMO is based at the Espoo Cultural Centre in Tapiola, a space that is also home to Tapiola Sinfonietta, Espoo City Theatre and Tapiola Library.


Muha - music theory and solfege

Course outline autumn 2018


Wellcome to begin the new school year in EMO!

Opening day is on tuesday 14th of August in Espoo cultural center.

Info for the parents of new pupils is at 5 pm at Beethoven Hall (3rd floor).

Info for the parents of new pupils on Music ladder groups is at 6 pm at Beethoven Hall (3rd floor). 

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