Applying at EMO

Join the Music!

Admission by Order of Arrival. First Come, First Served:

  • Music Play School 0-6 yr
  • Rhythmic Training 5 yr – adults
  • Aluetassu – training (strings) for the students of Matinlahti school, enrollment at the school
  • New students of the Music Play School and Rhythmic Training, registration for the places available via, January, May – September
  • Old students of the Music Play School and Rhythmic Training, registration via in April

Admission through Auditions:

  • Kameleontti Choirs, auditions in May, (August, if needed) 6-16 yrs
  • EMO Ensemble, information on the auditions:

Admission after Entrance Exam

  • Instrumental or Vocal studies in the Music Institute (Preparatory education, basic and advanced studies)
  • Electronic enrollment for the entrance exam on the Front page of from mid-April to mid-May. Exact dates to be announced later.

Choosing an Instrument

You should take your time deciding over your future instrument well before enrolling. At EMO, we offer studies in traditional Western acoustic instruments (link to the page Instrument Selection). You may get to know them in the Pocket Guide to Instruments.

You are welcome to try out the instrument(s) of your choice during the Soitinpolku at EMO in Espoo Cultural Center 10.4.2018 at 17-19. The teachers of EMO will introduce you to the instruments and tell you more about them.

You may apply to try several instruments at once. You should not hesitate to apply and try more than just a single instrument. In case there is no space in the class of your primary choice, you may be offered a place in a class of another instrument of your interest.

The most popular instruments are the piano, guitar, violin and cello – there are always more applicants than we are able to take. Wind instruments are a good alternative since you may get to play in an ensemble or orchestra right from the beginning.

The wide range and quality of EMO’s curriculum offer a good start for individual study paths for all kinds of players.

How to Prepare for the Entrance Exam?

When you have found a desirable instrument, you may enroll to partake in the entrance exam in EMO by booking an appointment according to your primary choice in the Eepos online portal.

The link will be open at The exam will take place in the Espoo Cultural Center on end of the May.

The ways to prepare for the exam are as follows:

  • think of a song that you are going to sing for the teacher
  • if you already know how to play an instrument, you may prepare a piece to perform
  • arrive 10-15 minutes in advance of your appointment
  • otherwise you should do fine just following the instructions and the example of the teacher.

Exam Day

Please arrive into the Hall of Mirrors (Peilisali) of the Espoo Cultural Center (P-floor) approximately 10-15 minutes in advance of your appointment. There will be a short information session at the beginning. After that the applicants will be invited into the classrooms where they will take turns performing music tasks with the teacher. Presumably, the presence of a parent will not be required.

The tasks will be performed via imitation: the applicant will be asked to repeat rhythm patterns using rhythm sticks, sing scales of different ranges after the teacher, stamp and clap, and listen to the sounds of the piano to determine if they are the same or if they differ from each other. The applicant will be asked to sing a song of their choice. You may sing Happy Birthday to You or Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. In case the applicant has experience in playing an instrument, they may give a demonstration of their playing skills, which is not a prerequisite for being accepted. However, an applicant with several years of playing experience may benefit from the demonstration.

Announcing the Results

The results of the entrance exam, i.e. the names of the students accepted will be published on 11.6.2019 in the hall of the Espoo Cultural Center and / or All of the instrument studentships will be offered, also ones that become vacant during the year. The number of vacant studentships varies every year. Usually, there are around 100 studentships within the basic study curriculum and another 100 within the preparatory study curriculum (Music Ladders and workshops) to be filled every year.

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