Welcome to begin the spring term in EMO!


Dear students and families in Espoo Music Institue,

Espoo Music Institute´s lessons continue by contact teaching including individual lessons (pupils born 2003 and later), music perception groups, rhytmic groups, children’s choirs and small ensembles. Orchestra teachers will inform about first rehearsals separately in all orchestras. 

Music play school family groups (child and parent) will continue by remote teaching until 31.1.2022. Other music play school groups (children 3-6 years old) continue by contact teaching. 

Music playschools and music perception groups lessons can alternatively be followed remotely at home in the beginning of term (not distance teaching). Teacher will send you the streamlink. 

N.B! The students who are born before the year 2003 will continue by remote teaching due to Covid-19 restrictions. However contact teaching is possible for pupils born before the year 2003 if necessary; i.e. when an ensemble needs rehearsing, student has a forthcoming exam, important concert etc. This recommendation is valid until 31.1.2022.

According to the guidelines of the City of Espoo, 16-year-olds and older who participate in hobbies must have a Covid Certificate. The teacher will control it during the first lesson.

We will inform our students by newsletters and www.emo.fi.

Wishing joy of music for all!


Considerations for students and parents:

If the family has Covid-19 symptoms or suspicion of exposure, do not take part in contact teaching in groups or individual lessons. Remote individual lessons should be requested in those cases. With good co-operation we´ll prevent unnecessary exposures. Quarantines are followed.

We strongly recommend using masks for everyone from 3rd grade (9-10 years old) and older. Even for small children it is recommended to wear mask whenever possible. 

Parents can not stay in music school. They can take the pupil to the front door or if necessary (under school age) to the classroom door with a mask.  

Arrive max. 10 minutes earlier and leave immediately after lesson.

Continue to maintain safety distance (also as arriving and leaving) and hand hygiene.

Thank you for your co-operation!

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