EMO as partner

The partnership network between EMO and the City of Espoo covers daycare, schools, festivals, other institutes of arts and many actors in the private sector. Owing to its numerous partnerships, EMO is able to broaden the extent of musical education by enhancing its availability and increasing well-being outside the institute walls. Maintaining parity and equality constitutes a major part of the activity. Partners on both the national and international levels broaden the learning environment and open new viewpoints for the students as well as personnel.

Nursing homes and hospitals

  • EMO produces over 50 Duurihoito concerts in the nursing homes a year
  • Daycare
  • EMO music play schools operate in 19 daycare facilities


  • Aluetassu training in Matinlahti school: strings education for the students
  • Maininki school: Wind club for the students
  • Tapiola school
  • Jousenkaari school: music coaching and music perception studies for the students
  • Aarnivalkea school: rhytmics training for the students

Music festivals, concerts and courses co-operation in Espoo

  • Piano Espoo
  • April Jazz
  • Vocal Espoo
  • Kamarihelmi

City events etc.

  • City of Espoo Independence Day Gala: Tapiola Youth Symphony performances every 3rd year
  • Regular performances of EMO students at the events of the City of Espoo and numerous other events organized in the city

Espoo Cultural Centre

  • Kutitus, the arts festival for the children and youth: concerts and workshops at EMO
  • Music for the events of Espoo Cultural Centre

Tapiola Sinfonietta

  • Concert co-operation: for example, concert collaboration with Tapiola Youth Symphony and overtures in the hall before the concert

Tapiola Parish

  • Häivähdys pyhää: series of daytime concerts in Tapiola church every other Wednesday at noon, and other performances. The programme fee is dedicated to the Common Responsibility campaign

Espoo institutes of arts

  • Long-time collaboration at the arts events and other projects
  • Kurkkaa taiteeseen: pedagogical collaboration with Espoo Visual arts school, ESKO Espoo performance arts school and Espoo Dance academy

Tapiola metro station and bus terminal

  • Playback of peaceful music recorded by the students of EMO may be heard in the Tapiola bus terminal

Organizations and private event organizers

  • Students perform during different events around the capital region of Finland
  •  the whole network of music institutes, Suomen musiikkioppilaitosten liitto (SML)
  •  TPO-liitto
  •  Finnish National Agency of Education, projects
  • EMO meets MKZ: pedagogical development project, teacher exchange with Conservatory of Zürich 2018-2020
  •  FEsTaRi: Chamber music co-operation with Heino Elleri Music College and Jazepa Medina Rigas 1st Music School, annually since 2006
  •  Kamarihelmi: February festival in Espoo, EMO students participate in the concerts and workshops by professional European musicians
  •  Tapiola Youth Symphony Orchestra takes regular concert trips abroad every 2 to 4 years. In 2023 concert trip took place in Madrid, Spain (partners: Perform in Spain, Ole Spain Tours, Embassy of Finland in Madrid and Fundacion Piu Mosso), 2018 in Slovenia and 2014 in China.

Annual visits to EMO by various delegations of experts, usually referred by the Ministry of Education and Culture or the City of Espoo, for the acquaintance with the Finnish music institute system

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