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Let´s play music!

Application dates 2022

• EMO instrument and singing studies Thursday 21st April – Wednesday 18th May.

• Pop/Jazz Dept instrument and singing studies Friday 8th April – Sunday 8th May.

• Music play school, new students Thursday 21st April from 13.00.

• Rhythmics, new students from Thursday 21st April.

• Registration for student selection tests for trEMOlo – rhythmics groups on Thursday 21st April – Tuesday 10th May. Entrance test at Cultural Centre on 12th May.

• Registration for auditions for Kameleontti Choirs on Thursday 21st April – Tuesday 10th May.

• Registration instructions for Matinlahti school’s Aluetassu (strings) will be delivered to the school’s pupils in May and August

• Application forms can be found here -> New students -> Sign up.


Admission after Entrance Exam

  • Instrumental or Vocal studies in the Music Institute (Preparatory education, basic and advanced studies)
Please notice that applicants from Espoo are given priority especially for the most popular instruments (for example piano, violin, guitar). However there is an exception if the applicant has previous studies in an instrument and a special criterion to apply to EMO. If there is vacant study places in other instruments, they can be granted also to non-Espoo-resident. 


Preparatory Group Music Lessons: Music Ladders

Music ladder preparatory groups will familiarise pupils with the basics of playing and practising at home, ensure the suitability of the instrument, and build up a general understanding of playing a musical instrument. After a year of training, you can apply for basic studies with the same instrument without an entrance test.

The Music Institute’s Basic Studies

EMO provides basic arts education in the extensive study field of music. The studies include individual and group lessons, playing music in a group, and music perception studies. Some years this means several visits to the Institute a week. You can only learn to play by playing, so it’s important to find time for regular practice at home. Encouragement and support from home is important, especially in the early stages of playing a musical instrument.

Welcome to Tapiola Hall’s Instrument Path Concerts 3rd May

Explore the fascinating instruments at 5 p.m. or 6:30 p.m.

  • May 3rd at 5 p.m. concert for 5-6-year-olds with guardians
  • May 3rd at 6:30 p.m. concert for 7-year-olds and parents with guardians

The age recommendations for the concerts are indicative, the purpose is to distribute the audience evenly to both concerts, taking into account the coronavirus safety. If there are children of both age groups in the family, you can come to either concert. Our teachers present musical instruments and answer questions along the path in Louhisali and in the foyer 30 minutes before and after the concert.

A warm welcome to the evening with many instruments!

To make it easier to choose an instrument: here you will find sound samples of the instruments.

The wide range and quality of EMO’s curriculum offer a good start for individual study paths for all kinds of players.

Other ways to join the EMO - 2022

Admission by Order of Arrival. First Come, First Served:

Music Play School 0-6 yr

Rhythmic Training 5 yr – adults

Aluetassu – training (strings) for the students of Matinlahti school

  • enrollment at the school 


Admission through Auditions (groups):


Kameleontti Choirs

  • Information on the auditions:

EMO Ensemble

  • Information on the auditions:


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