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Application period 2024 

  • Welcome to try instruments at EMO Soitinpolku (Instrument Path) on Tuesday 16.4. from 5 pm to 7 pm at Espoo Cultural Centre, Tapiola! 

  • EMO’s instrument and singing studies 18.4.-16.5. Student selections 22.-23.5. and 27.-28.5.
  • Pop/jazz department Ebeli’s instrument and singing studies 28.3.-12.5. Student selections 20.5.-23.5.
  • Music play school (muskari), new students 18.4. from 1 pm.
  • Rhythmics, new students from 18.4.
  • Registration for the student selections of TrEMOlo rhythmic groups 18.4.-16.5. Student selection is on 17.5.
  • Registration for the Kameleonttikuorot (Chameleon) children’s choirs audition 18.4.-27.5. The audition will be held on 28.5.
  • Students at Matinlahti School will register for the Aluetassu-teaching (string instruments) in August. Students receive a brochure and enrolment instructions from the school.
  • Application forms will open 18.4. 
Please notice that applicants from Espoo are given priority especially for the most popular instruments (for example piano, violin, guitar). However there is an exception if the applicant has previous studies in an instrument and a special criterion to apply to EMO. If there is vacant study places in other instruments, they can be granted also to non-Espoo-resident. 


Applying for instrument and singing studies 2024

Option 1: Applying through student selections

  • New students for musical instrument and singing studies will be admitted based on student selections.
  • Registration for student selection is open 18.4.-16.5.
  • Student selections will take place on 22.-23.5. and 27.-28.5. at Espoo Cultural Centre.
  • There are places available for individual instrument teaching and Music Ladder coaching groups.
  • You can apply for all instruments and singing through student selections. More information about the selection of instruments can be found here.
  • No previous musical experience is required.
  • More information about the student selection process at the bottom of the page
  • Pop/jazz department Ebeli’s application instructions:

Option 2: Registering for the Music ladder groups

  • The one-year-long Music ladder coaching group admits students to vacant places in the order of registration 18.4.-16.5.
  • There is a limited number of places, and they will be filled in the order of registration.
  • The groups are intended for students who have no previous experience in the instrument of their choice.
  • The range of instruments includes orchestral instruments 
  • The groups are formed by age 
  • More information on Music Ladders here.


The wide range and quality of EMO’s curriculum offer a good start for individual study paths for all kinds of players.

General information on application process

Instrument selection

Which instrument interests you? It is worth considering this in peace before applying to instrumental studies. EMO offers all traditional western acoustic instruments. More information here

Fascinating orchestral instruments

The most popular instruments are piano, guitar, violin and cello – there are always more applicants for these than there are free places. Good alternatives are, for example: wind instruments or double bass. 

You can register as an applicant for several instruments that interest you. It is worth indicating an alternative instrument. If there are no places for your primary chosen instrument, you may be offered a place in another instrument.



How to prepare for the student selections

  • Think in advance which song you will sing to the teacher
  • If you have already played a musical instrument, you can prepare a song to perform
  • Show up at the exact time you have booked
  • Otherwise, it is enough to act on the instructions and example of the teacher

On the day of the student selection

Check your appointment time and class you have booked from the confirmation email you have received (FROM: Eepos mailing <, TITLE: Espoo Music Institute – Registration: First name Last name). There is an information desk in the lobby of the Espoo Cultural Centre where you can ask for the location of the class if you are unsure where to go.

What happens at the student selection?

In the student selection, the applicant performs various assignments according to the teacher’s sample on the principle of mimicry: rhythms are repeated with rhythms, short melodies are sung according to the teacher’s sample, stomping and clapping, listening to sounds from the piano – are they different or similar? The applicant will also be asked to sing a song of their choice. The song can be e.g. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. If the applicant already has experience in playing an instrument, it is worth giving a sample of the playing. A play sample is not a prerequisite for obtaining a student place. It is an advantage for the successful interaction of the applicant and the teacher that the guardian waits outside the class. We recommend discussing this in advance with the child.

Student selection results

The results will be sent to each applicant by email on 10th June. Those who have received a student place must confirm their student place via the link mentioned in the email on 12th June at the latest. An unconfirmed student place will be offered to the next applicant in the queue.

Approximately 100 student places are freed annually for EMO’s basic studies (individual teaching) for various musical instruments. In addition, there are about 100 places available for one-year instrument coaching groups. Also, individual places may become vacant in early autumn and at the turn of the year. 


General information on music studies

Preparatory Group Music Lessons: Music Ladders

Music ladder preparatory groups will familiarise students with the basics of playing and practising at home, ensure the suitability of the instrument, and build up a general understanding of playing a musical instrument. After a year of training, you can apply for basic studies with the same instrument without an entrance test.

The Music Institute’s Basic Studies

EMO provides basic arts education in the extensive study field of music. The studies include individual and group lessons, playing music in a group, and music perception studies. Some years this means several visits to the institute a week. You can only learn to play by playing, so it’s important to find time for regular practice at home. Encouragement and support from home is important, especially in the early stages of playing a musical instrument.
To make it easier to choose an instrument: here you will find sound samples of the instruments.

Other ways to join EMO - 2023

Admission by order of arrival: first come, first served:

Music Play School 0-6 yr

Rhythmic Training 5 yr – adults

Aluetassu – training (strings) for the students of Matinlahti school

  • enrollment at the school 


Admission through auditions (groups):

Kameleontti Choirs

  • Information on the auditions:

EMO Ensemble

  • Information on the auditions:


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