Music ladders

Music ladders in a nutshell

Music ladder is a one-year preparatory instrument teaching, during which you learn about the basics of one instrument and home training, ensure the suitability of the instrument and form an overview of the playing hobby. There are approximately 80-100 places for music ladders every year, and after a year there is an opportunity to apply to continue playing in Music Institute’s basic studies based on the progress and the motivation shown.

Tuition fee 200 €, including a rented instrument (not applicable to piano) and teaching locations are in Tapiola.

Teaching takes place in a group of 2-6 students, 30-60 min/ week depending on the instrument including 15 autumn lessons and 15 spring lessons.

Instrument selection (in the order of registration)

  • french horn: 7-8 years old 
  • trombone 6-8 years old 
  • low brass (alto horn, baritone horn, tuba): 7-8 
  • woodwind coaching with recorder: 6-7 years old
  • clarinet: 7-9 years old, subject to front teeth up and down 
  • saxophone: 7-9 years old, subject to permanent front teeth up and down 
  • bassoon: 8-9 years old 
  • double bass: 6-8 years old

Most popular music ladder groups through student selections

Beginners who have participated in student selections/entrance exam can first be offered a place in one-year music ladder group. Groups are formed depending on the instruments needed, such as piano, guitar, accordion, kantele, strings and winds.

Climb the Music Ladders into the world of music.

Music Ladders groups 2023-24

Group 1: Monday 17.30–18.00
teacher: Eero Nissinen

Group 2: Thursday 16.30–17.15
teacher: Elina Leskelä

Wednesday 17.00–17.30
teacher: Laura Clewer

Brass (althorn, baritone horn, tuba)
Tuesday 17.00–17.45
teacher: Mikko Marttila

Wednesday 16.15–17.00
teacher: Maija Alén

Thursday 17.30–18.30
teacher: Anni Björk

Double bass
Thursday 17.45–18.15
teacher: Taru Tiusanen

Monday 17.30–18.30
teacher: Osmo Palmu

Wednesday 16.30–17.15
teacher: Juulia Salo


Friday 17.00–17.45
teacher: Petteri Kippo

Group 1: Wednesday 17.00–17.45
Group 2: Thursday 17.00–17.45
teacher: Rebekka Angervo

Group 3: Tuesday 17.00–17.45
Group 4: Tuesday 18.00–18.45
teacher: Adam Herd

Tuesday 16.45–17.30
teacher: Sini Vahervuo

Thursday 17.30–18.30
teacher: Nanako Lammi

Tuesday 17.30–18.15
teacher: Nadja Hanhilahti

Thursday 17.15–18.00
teacher: Johanna Paananen

Wednesday 17.00–17.45
teacher: Hanna Lipiäinen

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