The student fees

The student fees

The student fees cover approximately 22% of the expenses at EMO. The remaining 78% are covered by statutory government transfers (53%) and subsidies from The City of Espoo (25%).

The term fee for the basic and advanced studies covers the whole study package:

  • weekly classes involving the main instrument of choice
  • collective music studies
  • music perception studies
  • possible optional studies such as choir or rhythmic training

The fee for group participants only is set according to the figure on the side.

STUDENT FEES from 1.8.2024 / per term, solo subjects 

Elementary studies 325 €
Advanced studies 325 €
Adults department 375 €
Second instrument 45 min 245 €
Minor subject 30 min 180 €
Preparatory group (instrument rent included) 210 €
Music ladders (instrument rent included) 210 € 

STUDENT FEES from 1.8.2024 / per term, group studies 

Music Play School 45 min 120 €
Music Play School 60 min 155 €
Rhythmic Training 45 min 120 €
Rhythmic Training 60 min 155 €
Rhythmic Training 75 min 195 €
Rhythmic Training 90 min 235 €
Other group subject (choir 45 min., preparatory studies) 120 €
Other group subject (choir, orchestra, music perception studies) 155 €

Other fees:

Instrument rent 60€
Materials fee MPS+RT+PG 5-21€
Sign-up fee 10€ /new student
Payment request fee 5/10€
Xerox copy A4 0,20€
Xerox copy A3 0,40€

EMO is at its students’ service

Information on Student Fees


Both beginners and advanced level students are granted a sibling discount: 25% for the second child, and 50% for the third one and further children.


The student fees are billed twice a year. The bills are sent by You may also order the bill to arrive electronically at your bank.


The board of the Espoo Music Institute Support Association may to their own discretion grant a scholarship or a discount fee on the grounds of a separate application. Applications are processed once a year at the beginning of the academic year. The application form can be filled in electronically here, printed (pdf) or picked up from the office. Applications for the academic year 2024–25 must be submitted by Monday 2.9.2024 at 4 pm.

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